[fvc-wat-disc] Board Games Night for Electoral Reform?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Mar 18 15:36:56 EDT 2017

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Board Games Nights appear to be popular[1]. But David R. MacIver
argues that board games are in need of Electoral Reform:


= An untapped family of board game mechanics =

> Have you noticed how board games are in dire need of electoral
> reform?
> No, wait, seriously. Hear me out. This makes sense.
> In most board games, through a series of events, you acquire points
> (votes), where each point (vote) goes to at most one player, and
> then at the end the person with the most points (votes) wins
> outright, regardless of how narrow their margin is.
> It’s literally plurality voting, and it leads to a number of the
> same problems.

Who wants to hold another Discussion Night, with a Board Games theme
where we re-work a game to have fair voting rules? Scrabble with
multi-member winners? Monopoly with proportional results?

This would be a great way to learn about some of the mechanics of
different voting systems, although it probably won't do much to get
the government to implement PR, which every day looks more like that
game of betting on dice.

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