[fvc-wat-announce] Politics on the Patio Revisited, Saturday September the 1st

Sharon Sommerville sharonsommerville at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 16:49:29 EDT 2012

Hello All Fair Vote Friends,

During last year's provincial election we hosted a very successful all
candidate's meet & greet called Politics on the Patio.  It's election time
again in K/W so we are reprising Politics on the Patio!

You are invited to meet with Eric Davis of the Liberals, Stacy Denckert of
the Green Party and Allan Dettweiler of the Ontario Libertarian Party for
an informal opportunity to enjoy a beer and have a chat with the candidates
on Saturday, September 1st starting at 8pm at the Huether Hotel in the Malt
Room (ground floor at the back). We invited all the candidates so we may
have some surprise last minutes guests as well!

It was a great event last year and we expect it to be great this year as
well.  So, hope to see you at the Huether on the 1st!

Best regards,
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